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Company Profile

Founded in 2012, Hong Kong Ashany Technology Ltd. is the successful business expansion of Shenzhen Ashany Technology Ltd. Our Company engages in development, production and sales of power products. Shenzhen Ashany Technology was established in 2007. We are a professional manufacturer of low power switching mode power supply, transformer, open frame and power adaptor. Since we established, we committed to improve our technology and service standard. In just a few years, we manage to grow both in operation scale and customer base. At present, our customers include international brands from various countries.

Our plant is located in Shenzhen, PRC. Plant area is over 2,000 m², with a total of 100 employees. Equipped with modern industrial facilities including SMT technology, we are able to develop efficient and flexible power solution designed according to the special requirements of customers. All products undergo rigorous testing including automatic functional test, burn in test, to ensure the quality of products. Our flagship products are AC / DC power adapter, car charger, USB charger, USB charging power strip, linear power supplies. Our experienced engineers ensure that our products comply with the latest international safety regulations, such as CE, UL, RCM, CCC.

We earn recognition and support from our customers by strong technical force, strict quality management, advanced production equipment, mature production experience and sound business management. We will continue to practice professional production and ethical business attitudes, striking to advance with our business partners.


成立於2012年,香港阿沙尼科技有限公司是深圳阿沙尼科技有限公司為拓展業務的分公司。 本公司從事電源產品研發,生產及銷售。



我們的旗艦產品是AC / DC電源適配器、汽車充電器、USB充電器、USB排插電源及線性電源。我們經驗豐富的工程師確保產品符合最新的國際安全標準,如CE,UL, RCM,CCC。

憑著雄厚的技術,嚴格的質量管理,先進的生產設備,成熟的生產經驗和完善的企業管理,我們 一直深受眾多客戶的支持。我們將繼續以專業和“以誠為本”的服務態度,與我們的業務夥伴同步前進。